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It's time to right this ship once again...

             Finally, the worst kept secret in Cranston is a secret no more - I am running to be Cranston's next mayor!  


            About 15 years ago, my husband took the helm as the architect of Cranston's first comeback.  It was an amazing turnaround of the city's finances & the creation of a bustling economy that led to a strong and dynamic city.  People were proud to call themselves Cranstonians.

            Fast forward to now, we find that the current mayor has strained the finances with reckless spending.  He turned an audited three-million-dollar surplus in Allan's last budget year, into needing to use twelve million dollars in federal COVID funds and raise taxes just to make ends meet only twelve months later. And then he had to raid the COVID funds and Raise Taxes again twelve months after that!  That’s not the type of math any taxpayer likes!  


            He has kicked programs for people with physical disabilities to the curb.  And while some business owners can't even get a return phone call from this administration, family and friends are getting special treatment and taxpayer funded jobs.  


            That's why I'm running.  Because not only has the city lost its mojo, the third floor of city hall has lost its way.  But we know how to fix it!   


            We're going to BE BOLD and work together with everyone to right this ship.  We'll diversify our business sector to make it more resilient so that we can stabilize taxes, and support small businesses with more vibrant Main St style programming.  We'll also focus on infrastructure - from road paving and lead pipe replacement, to longstanding stormwater management problems that are resulting in disastrous flooding.  


            And from housing, to education, to safe streets and smart city initiatives and beyond, we've got plans that are going to appeal to our neighbors on both sides of the aisle.  We’ll get it done the FUNG way... with a level of honesty & camaraderie that has been missing from City Hall for the past three years.  


Winner of the 2023 National Woman of Excellence Award
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