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Road safety is a huge concern everywhere I go - and we need a multipronged approach to tackle it. 

In addition to making large investments in paving and sidewalk repairs, we need to look at the designs of those roadways in high pedestrian corridors. Utilizing some smart SafeStreet modifications, we can make it safer for drivers, pedestrians, and bike riders to share the roadways. 

We also need to be much more aggressive about controlling speeding in our neighborhoods.  Beyond enforcement, we can trial innovative technologies like speed modification traffic lights, currently being used in Quebec, that can slow down drivers on local speedways like Budlong Road and Broad Street.  

Additionally, with huge amounts of funding available at the state and federal level, it's the perfect time to aggressively replace the numerous lead pipes around the city.  From Meshanticut to Auburn, and Arlington to Edgewood, too many homes are being serviced by lead pipes.  We need to work together to target as much federal and state grant funding as we can to help us tackle the problem while decreasing the burden on our families. 

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