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Almost every Cranstonian has seen, or gotten caught in the street flooding we've been experiencing during these intense storms.  We have such an opportunity through federal infrastructure funding to work on flood mitigation in our neighborhoods.  From better stormwater management, to increasing green spaces around the city, we're going to work with experts to improve our resiliency on the roads. 

We're also going to work in conjunction with the DEM and State leadership to revitalize our open spaces - like Meshanticut State Park.  This urban oasis has fallen into disrepair, and we can't wait to improve the surrounding infrastructure that is contributing to intense erosion, and re-energize the lake's health.  It's going to be a great place to fish with the grandchildren, walk, and enjoy nature when this project is all finished.  

And to help both beautify and cool our more densely populated neighborhoods, we're going to grow our urban canopy projects. Trees make us healthier by cleaning the air and improving disease management - like by lowering complications of asthma.  

Finally, we are going to look to reducing our city's energy bills by incorporating clean energy projects.  We'll add more solar on the rooftops of our schools and city buildings, and build solar canopies in our parking lots - like at the ice hockey rink.  

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