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With a more diversified & resilient business sector, we can keep taxes stable for our families.  

I'll work in concert with the Speaker and other local business leaders to foster a dynamic Health & BioTech corridor in Cranston.  We need more primary care, mental health, dentistry, and other healthcare specialists in our city, that's a given.  But we also have an opportunity to attract leaders in the technology that will forever revolutionize healthcare.  With the new Biomed initiatives from Smith Hill, now is a great time to collaborate and partner with those innovating daily in this space to find a home right here in Cranston.  

We'll also bring in deeply connected professionals and foster Main Street programs to promote and support our local small businesses.  We need more active economic development in Rolfe Square, Pawtuxet Village, and Knightsville to help our restaurants and local shops thrive year round.  

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